A good teacher doesn't just "teach"

They ignite a sense of curiosity, impart the strength of optimism, and promote a love of lifelong learning.


I am a passionate K-12 educator and Career Coach, specialising in Careers, Creative Arts, Positive Education and English Language Arts. I have worked with children across all school ages for the past 15 years as a tutor, mentor, workshop facilitator and teacher. I also work with teachers and parents on ways to support young people to live a thriving, optimistic life. I currently work as a K-12 casual relief teacher, and am co-director of The Posify Group, an organisation dedicated to connecting people with their purpose.


My teaching style is founded in positive psychology principles and promotes the development of the whole individual - academic achievement and wellbeing. I am passionate about infusing purpose into learning and use a strengths-approach to supporting students to thrive. I love helping teachers find ways to foster creativity, curiosity and self-worth through the curriculum.


I thrive on creativity, curiosity and play, and am passionate about the positive impact these activities can have on wellbeing, academic achievement and career success. My background sees an amalgam of over a decade in the corporate and education sectors across roles such as coach, consultant, facilitator, and teacher. As a K-12 Educator and Career Coach, I am driven to help individuals connect with their purpose and lean into their most meaningful life. I revel in opportunities that expose students to unique ways of learning, focusing on infusing purpose, optimism and relevance into educational activities. My personal purpose is underpinned by my dream for a world in which everyone has access to quality education (Global Goal #4) and the opportunity to thrive. In pursuing this purpose, I have contributed to various projects and initiatives including initiation of youth project Cards For Change, The Luminosity Youth Summit, and The Posify Group's initiative, Coaching for Cambodia. I am also a proud ambassador of #Litfest2444; a festival that aims to break the mould of creativity and connect young minds with conventional and out of box avenues for sharing their stories.

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